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Learn what inspired us to provide the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois.

Why Bamenda Coffee?

We invest in education for kids spending the summer and holidays in the hospital, community education, and business planning for entrepreneurs.


coffee cup and coffee beans“Growing up, our grandparents grew coffee. During coffee season, we would harvest the ripe coffee, process in small batches, and sell them to buyers who came from the city. The coffee was only sold as a raw material for further processing into finished goods. We never consumed it or knew what it tasted like with the exception of the regular coffee fruit. According to the Fair-Trade Foundation, 80% of the coffee produced in the world comes from smallholder farmers like our grandparents. From 1980’s when our grandparents were growing coffee till today, the quality is exceptional. Our focus through the Leshey Foundation is to ensure that growers and their families have access to a reliable source of income and entrepreneurship education to improve and diversify the overall output of the community.”

– Founder